Saturday, 20 March 2010

Four months old

Page is now looking more like a young dog rather than a little puppy. She has a few more adult teeth and is starting to get a grown up coat. Here ears are slowly becoming more pricked. She is still very naughty and gets away with murder as she is so cute. She loves anything that makes a noise, espeically late at night. She has now learnt to tap, next I shall try left and rights. Page loves to learn, but this extends to the other dogs bad habits. I caught her trying to jump onto the dining room table the other week.

Polo seems to be genearally in much better health than she was at christmas. She comes on walks with us but spends most of the time with us rather than chasing her ball.

Parsley is now only being entered for jumping classes. We haven't trained together for months. It might be a good idea to give her a run on Monday night.

Panic is still keeping all the other dogs in line. She is a real tyrant. She is training well and is looking forward to the agility season. Everytime we go out the garden she is desparate to do the weaves.

Pilot spends most of her time glued to her favourite armchair. She loves her walks but does not see any point in using up any energy in the house or garden. The only exception being raiding the bins or pinching food off work surfaces.She is training a lot better now, and in training has a nice stay and weave.

Penn is still little Miss Sunshine. She is the favourite playmate of Page. They play so well together. Penn has her first show at Easter.

PanicPanic and PennPenn


Penn Page Panic

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